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Give and Get: Volunteering is a Two-Way Street

March 8, 2011

Despite popular belief, Springfield In Full Bloom is not just about horticulture and cleaning up garden beds.  The activity of the people within the community is just as important.  Volunteering serves as a type of community glue:  as residents come together to improve the condition and image of their city, the members of that place find a sense of identity and pride. 

There is a selfless, altruistic value behind volunteering.  But aside from this “feel-good” effect, several other benefits come from giving of oneself for the greater good.

Learn or develop a new skill.  If you’ve been looking for an excuse to learn home renovation, care for flowers and trees, or even learn a thing or two about Springfield’s history, getting involved with bloom projects can be just the place to expand your knowledge. 

Get motivation and a sense of achievement.  Pick a volunteer position that plays on your interests and passions.  By serving in this way, your desire and enthusiasm for volunteer work is sincere.  This is a simple way to find the joy in giving of oneself.  Seeing your hard work result in a finished project or another person’s happiness gives you a sense of achievement that will encourage ongoing meaningful work.

Boost your career options. By adding a volunteer experience section to your resume, employers will get a sense of your interests and values on top of your professional strivings.  Employers want to know their employees are active, influential citizens of the city where they work.  It doesn’t hurt to show them you have the drive to take on your own personal endeavors.

Meet new people.  You might be surprised at the type of people you can meet digging up weeds, picking up litter on city streets or serving at local events.  Serving alongside other residents and community members can form lasting bonds that not only expand your social group and network where you live, but increases community identity as well.

Have new experiences.  It’s true—service can be FUN! Whether you’ve done a lot of serving in the past or you’re looking to jump in for the first time, you can always find something new to do to give back to your city and your fellow neighbor.  So find something that sparks your interest; you can even suggest new projects to serve in new, exciting ways.

Find out more on how volunteering can benefit you at Wolrd Volunteer Web.

This year, Springfield In Full Bloom projects need volunteers to help promote the great aspects of the community.  By giving of your time, your energy, your passions and your skills to beautification efforts, you’re sure to find numerous reasons to take pride in the community you live in.

Want to know how you can get started? Contact a local organization that is already involved in community efforts; these include 4-H, Clark County Waste Management District, Springfield Kiwanis, Springfield Rotary, the Council of Neighborhood Associations, Master Gardeners, Keep Clark County Beautiful and more.  Keep checking back on this blog for helpful tips and news on upcoming opportunities to support Springfield In Full Bloom’s mission to increase community pride.  You can also follow us on Facebook ( for all the latest news and to share your suggestions and ideas.

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  1. Karen Duncan permalink
    March 8, 2011 3:47 pm

    The Community Service Committee of Springfield Kiwanis teamed up with Master Gardeners and revitalized the flower beds on the Fountain Ave. side of the Clark Co. Heritage Center. Three non-profits working together on one project. Everyone had fun, the Heritage Center got a much needed face lift for its gardens, and the whole community was the better for it all.

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